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The Cybex selectorized strength line is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding facilities and users. The 18-piece line incorporates fully enclosed weight stacks. A unique “Logical Pairs” design allows complementary machines to be placed back-to-back which saves valuable floor space. Select machines use Cybex’ Second Generation Dual Axis Technology that provides for both fixed plane converging and diverging movement as well as user defined movements. These unique machines take a fresh approach to make strength training more effective.

This full circuit by Cybex is comprised of numerous Selectorized (pin-select) strength machines. Every machine is used to target a specific muscle or muscle group. When positioned in a health club as a circuit, these machines can be used to create an intensive workout. The design of these machines makes it a lot safer than operating free-weights and the bio-mechanics of the machines ensure correct posture and ensures that the user performs the repetitions and exercise correctly.


Upper Body Lower Body Torso
Chest Press Seated Leg Curl Abdominal
Triceps Press Leg Extension Back Extension
Shoulder Press Seated Leg Press Torso Rotation
Row/Rear Delt Calf Extension
Biceps Curl Glute
Lat Pull down Hip Abduction
Lat Raise Hip Adduction
Pec Fly


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